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3SUN fab inagurates the new cells line

AMPERE: the full automated new HJT cells and modules production line now inaugurated.

The AMPERE project has entered in its final stage. The coordinator Enel Green Power (EGP) has inaugurated the new cells production line at its 3SUN factory in Sicily, Italy, to manufacture bifacial photovoltaic modules based on heterojunction technology, with an annual capacity of 200MWp.

The project, started in May 2017, completes the technological conversion route for 3SUN’s 2.0 factory converting the obsolete thin film technology into the most innovative manufacturing factory based on HJT and high automation level.

EGP: the new HJT line 1


EGP: the new HJT line 2

Actually the bifacial photovoltaic modules have an efficiency of more than 20%, a nominal power of 400Wp and a bifacial ratio well over the 90% in the 72 cells and 4 bus bur configuration. Their peculiar bifacial structure allows to capture the solar radiation also from the back surface of the module and to obtain a greater energy production in the order of 20%. A further feature of the heterojunction technology is its durability equal to a lifespan of about 35 years with high performance even in extreme weather conditions.

The production line cells joined that of the previously installed modules; after a period of characterization and validation the cells have reached a medium efficiency distribution of 22.1% and a best result of 23%. In the next steps the Key Performance Indicators target the 22.5% mean efficiency (the 23.5% the path for the future technological development) and a CTM ratio of more than 96%.



    Cell efficiency distribution: first qualification run


The modules have been characterised firstly to verify their bifacial characteristic according to IEC 60904-1-2:2019 in BIFI 20 condition. The results for the module series 3S HYPER 72 HB are worth of note.


module series 3S HYPER 72 HB

In August 2019 the manufacturing line Commercial Operating Date (COD) has been defined and in September 2019 the AMPERE Final Generation module has been certified by TUV for the IEC 61215-1/-2:2016, IEC 61730-1/-2:2016 UL 61730-2:2017 standards. Finally, the rump up of production to 200MWp/Year started in October 2019; The project’s target was 100MWp/year but EGP decided to anticipate the mile stone. At the end of project will be produced the roadmap for the GW Fab.



AMPERE project represents a unique case in which EGP (end-user) benefits from the integration and development of an innovative PV Manufacturing Fab supported by a consortium that includes the most advanced research centres all over Europe of the entire PV value chain, in which the concentrated European knowledge has created the first bifacial HJT manufacturing lines (volume production of cells and modules) in the world. Moreover, a European ecosystem has been created for developing and industrializing a new technology, involving European equipment manufacturers such as Meyer Burger, Baccini/Applied Materials, Jonas and Redman, Rise Technology, Semilab.

“Launching this new production line is an important milestone that Enel Green Power has long awaited. We believed and invested in this highly innovative project, which shines the international spotlight on Italian and European industrial excellence. This is especially meaningful in a sector as competitive as solar power. We will continue our commitment to researching and developing this technology to further improve performance, sustainability and competitive edge. We will do so knowing full well that we are the world’s technology leader in the photovoltaic sector” said the CEO - Enel Green Power Antonio Cammisecra.




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