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HJT solar cell at 3SUN fab. The results of AMPERE.

After a period of characterization and validation the cells in the new production line have reached a medium efficiency distribution of 22.1% and a best result of 23%. In the next steps the Key Performance Indicators target the 22.5% mean efficiency (the 23.5% the path for the future technological development) and a CTM ratio of more than 96%.


Bifacial n-type Heterojunction solar cell: TCO/ n_aSi:H/ i_aSi:H/ n-cSi / i_a-Si.H/ p_aSi:H/TCO.

Within AMPERE project the heterojunction technology reaches new heights with cells close to 24% efficiency obtained on the industrial pilot line of CEA based at INES.

CEA -INES have reached a new record of conversion efficiency produced on Meyer Burger industrial equipment (2400 cells per hour). The yield was certified at 23.9% over the entire surface of a standard size cell (244 cm²) with metallization performed by conventional screen printing.

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