AMPERE launch the HJT module line

Catania. 3SUN has started the production of the new bifacial heterojunction high power modules
Inauguration of the line in catania in 3SUN

The new generation of latest generation photovoltaic panels is underway. The project started in Catania: a 3SUN technological reconversion project by Enel Green Power, thanks to which the Catania industrial site will become the world's first plant to exclusively produce the double-sided HJT photovoltaic panel.

The technology reconversion program of the 3SUN factory, Europe's largest photovoltaic panel production facility, provides for an investment of 80 million euros.

This photovoltaic panel is based on heterojunction technology (ie the junction of two different types of silicon, amorphous and crystalline) with particularly high performances. A not-indifferent technological leap. As Antonello Irace, managing director of 3SUN, explains: "It is a photovoltaic panel designed for Enel Green Power engineering and therefore customized for our photovoltaic systems, which we design and install around the world. glass-glass, double-sided, 1,500 volts and even the packing has been optimized to minimize the costs of logistics and shipping from the factory around the world ".

In detail, the 3SUN 2.0 project is divided into three phases: the first, at the start in the second quarter of 2018, involves the construction of a new assembly line for the production of panels with two-sided architecture;the second involves the installation of a new production line of HJT cells, operational from the first quarter of 2019. In the third phase, finally, the production capacity of the HJT line will be doubled.At the end of the technological reconversion, the factory will see the production of about 1,400 panels a day for a total of 500 thousand panels a year.