Jonas & Redmann



Dr. Harald Wanka


Development of highly automated systems for HJT cell line. 

Founded in 1989, the mechanical engineering company Jonas & Redmann has grown to be the largest specialist machine engineering firm in Berlin based on deep technical expertise and a standard of perfection. The group of companies currently has over 500 employees worldwide. The main areas of expertise are medical technology (since our founding), photovoltaics (since 1999) and energy storage technology (since 2009/2010), as well as cross-divisional assembly automation. Jonas & Redmann has years of experience automating complex and innovative production processes. The technical solutions for the business area Photovoltaics demonstrate the comprehensive know-how of the Berliners in handling highly sensitive materials and in developing automation solutions for the manufacture of high-tech products. The J&R portfolio covers the automation of all processes (batch and in-line) in silicon solar cell production – from material receiving inspection, the loading and unloading through to the final inspection of the fully processed c-Si solar cells.