In order to achieve its objectives AMPERE project will be developed in 8 Work Packages (WP) over a timeframe of 36 months.

WP1 holds the management and coordination actions that will support all the activities of the project in a coherent and smooth manner.

The whole project and after-project success will be guided by WP2 with a study of the economic aspect and the associated business models.

The three core technical work packages are the WP3, WP4, and WP5 that represents the skeleton of the project .

In WP3, the new solar cell technologies will be selected and improved for an implementation to the full-scale industrial production.

The goal of WP4 is equivalent to WP3 but it will be focused on the modules.

Finally, WP3 and WP4 outputs will be implemented and tested for WP5 on the full-scale production lines with an effort on the automation. Within WP6, the reliability and the energy yield of the products will be studied. WP7 will focus on communication and dissemination activities to reach the widest possible community through various channels and instruments and WP8 will be a specific work package focused on the commercial exploitation of the results and their replications in the future. The technical work-packages tasks are strongly inter - linked to achieve the final industrial target.