Networking and Clustering with other national and EU initiatives will exchange experiences. In order to find synergies and avoid duplications, AMPERE will be establishing links with other sister projects/initiatives. Consolidate networking of partners’ group ensure direct connections with on-going projects in the same field.

NextBase project

NextBase project deals with the development of innovative high performance c-Si solar cells and modules based on the interdigitated back-contacted silicon heterojunction (IBC-SHJ) solar cell concept targeting cells with efficiency above 26.0% and corresponding solar modules with efficiency above 22.0%. At the same time, the NextBase project pursues the development of a new industrial manufacturing tool and low-cost processes enabling a competitive IBC-SHJ solar module cost of < 0.35 €/Wp.

DISC consortium

DISC project addresses the need to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by developing key technologies for the next generation of high-performance photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and modules, allowing ultra-low solar electricity costs with minimum environmental impact.

GOPV project plans to accelerate the reduction of electricity cost by implementing advanced photovoltaic features and creating synergies across five topic areas: light management; energy efficiency; material efficiency; system reliability; and system configuration and operation and maintenance costs.