RISE Technology


Ing. Marco Balucani


Development of innovative selective metal plating.  The technological solution based on DLD/DLM is able to perform any kind of localised wet treatment (e.g. etching, dispensing, rinsing, plating, etc).

RISE Technology S.r.l. (with a fully paid-up share capital of 86K€) is a high tech SME founded in 2006 by researchers of University of Rome “La Sapienza”. The company turnover in 2015 was 600 K€ with a today total manpower of 6 units. Over 30% of RISE Technology’s annual turnover is assigned to R&D activities. The company owns 8 patents (5 granted and 3 pending) all extended in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Up to 2012 the company was mainly an IP company but in 2013 after the acquisition of a ten year company (i.e. 2BG S.r.l.) working in the PV (Photo Voltaic) module equipment manufacture is now moving in the PV, Semiconductor and PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) equipment manufactures with its own know-how and production facility. Headquarter is based in Rome and the industrial production plant of 2 400 m2 is located in San Martino di Lupari (PD) where are also available the sheet to sheet industrial prototypes lines [based on the proprietary technology of Dynamic Liquid Drop/Meniscus (DLD/DLM)] that will be used within the project for the copper metallization within WP3.