At the end of April 2020, the AMPERE project officially finished

The project was highly successful, recording very high efficiencies of Bifacial Heterojunction Silicon Heterojunction, >23.5% cell and >20% Module, a variety of technical exploitable results and a technology, bifacial heterojunction which is ready for mass production and prone for Gigawatt upscaling. AMPERE project represents a win-win situation where Enel Green Power (end-user) benefits from the know-how of Key EU companies and research centres while they get the opportunity to develop their expertise. The Main Outcomes of AMPERE project relies in:

TRL8 200 MWp/year fully automated cell and module manufacturing line in Catania demonstrating the achievement of industrial performance targets

REDUCED LCOE premium technology developed

HJT Technology efficiency demonstrated: >23.5% cell and >20% Module (measured at STC)

Worldwide certified records for HJT cells efficiency

Certification of HJT modules with different materials and interconnection technology configurations

Development of innovative equipment and highly automated systems for PV industrial manufacturing line

Development of Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing Execution Systems

GW Fab Business Model and CoO estimation

HJT Module Life Cycle Assessment deployment

Development of standards, methods and simulators for bifacial solar devices characterization, and reliability and efficiency testing.

The project is now proceeding in its phase of exploitation and dissemination of the results and at the same time with a continuous technological development on cells and modules.